Blue Garden artwork

Artwork commissioned for a client's young child's bathroom in Paddington, London inspired in the client's child's name –a flower in the garden. The artwork was designed to embrace the space and generate a feeling of being within a larger outdoor space whilst including personalized features such as hidden ladybirds for the client's daughter to find. The artwork expands across the four walls of the bathroom from floor to ceiling including the front doors of the sink cabinet and it was painted with a specific tile paint technique that protects tiles and paint from water.

Tree artwork

Project located in Paddington, London. The concept request involved creating an organic feature around and over theheadboardof a private property master bedroom. The artwork was painted with acrylic in neutral colours emphasizing fruits, birds and butterflies in red and blue colours picked up from the headboard fabric with some gold shadows. The artwork expands over the two side walls in the bedroom to merge the tree with two other walls, having two trees starting on the floor on either side of the bed and meeting at the centre of the room.