My name is Victoria Poveda and I'm a freelance illustrator and portrait painter. I'm from Spain and I started drawing and painting when I was little. I have not stopped since then. I began to draw commissioned portraits made with graphite pencil and from then on, my development as a portrait painter has been mostly self-taught. In 2015 I studied in the ESDIP Art School in Madrid for a few months. During this time, I improved and learned new illustration techniques which allowed me to increase my portrait and drawings styles.

Apart from this, I found my inspiration when I decided to paint works that I would put on my walls, works that I would love to have. So that is my purpose of the way I create my paintings. So I decided to learn watercolor technique, and later I tried to mix different techniques. Actually I do not have an only style of drawing or painting, I am always changing and my works also change with me. I could say that I’ve explored (and I still exploring) every drawing and painting technique, as you can see in my portfolio lot of mixed media works.
However, I found digital painting. This technique gives a very modern aspect to painting, simulating oil. It's very interesting because it can be easily resized, and printed in any support; paper, canvas... It gives me a lot of freedom. So now I continue drawing and painting using traditional techniques but I only accept digital commissions :)

Currently I’m very active in the social media and Instagram mainly. You can follow me in @victoria__nell. There you can see more works of mine as photos or videos of the process of them in the Stories of Instagram.