If you want to have a digital painting for yourself or you want to make a different and modern gift, this is the perfect choice. The digital portrait is made through Photoshop using a graphic tablet, which I use as a brush. The effect of the painting is very similar to oil, and it gives a very different and stylish touch to the work. I often manipulate the colours and lights a little bit in order to make the painting a bit different, and to have the most suitable details for the painting.
Digital paintings include a folder with the file in PNG or JPEG in the size the customer want.
I only need the photograph you want to be drawn and the price would only vary depending on its complexity and the number of persons that appear in it.

Of course you can have it printed if you like. For sizes up 33 cm x 33 cm (approx.), it can be printed in 250 g matte paper. This is free and you only have to pay the shipping :) If you are interested in bigger sizes or any other kind of support, as canvas for example, ask me through the contact form without any compromise :)
The printing does not affect the cost of the painting :)

In any case, I always send a screenshot of the drawing so you can see it before receiving it. This way you can make suggestions or ask me to change anything you don’t like :)

If you have any doubts, or you need further information, you can contact me through the form :D